Making art of advertising: Hand painted storefronts from Ontdekkers Road to the Jozi CBD

Driving along Ontdekkers Road and into the heart of Johannesburg’s CBD, you’ll pass numerous spaza shops (general convenience stores), car dealerships, barbers, butchers and restaurants that are adorned with their very own brand of art. Outside spaza shops in particular, the semi-realistic paintings depict popular items that can be found within, like Lucky Star pilchards, Coca-Cola, Tastic rice and Sunlight dishwashing liquid. Roadside barbers showcase the slick styles on offer, and outside an everything-cum-fishing-supply store, a grinning goldfish greets customers. It gets stranger still. Outside a butcher towards the end of Ontdekkers, there’s a no-nonsense chicken who stands proudly with his wings folded across his chest. Painted on the door of Funchal Cafe is a burger encased in a pasty bun with sauce oozing down the sides. In Braamfontein a woman painted on the wall of a hair salon (doubling up as an internet cafe) has been given a voice by a passer-by at some stage, and now asks: “My G, where is my motor?” in black ballpoint pen. This photo story documents the work of some Jozi’s hidden artists.

2 Braamfontein - - Joburg Street Art   (2)2 Braamfontein - - Joburg Street Art   (1)4 Ontdekkers  - Joburg Street Art6 Ontdekkers5 Ontdekkers1 Ontdekkers  - Joburg Street Art22  Johannsburg Street Art23  Johannsburg Street Art12 Ontdekkers -  Joburg Street Art20  Johannsburg Street Art19 Johannsburg Street Art21  Johannsburg Street Art30  Johannsburg Street Art26 Joburg Street Art15 Ontdekkers  - Joburg Street Art10 Ontdekkers  - Joburg Street Art9 Ontdekkers  - Joburg Street Art7 Ontdekkers  - Joburg Street Art27  Johannsburg Street Art16 Ontdekkers18 Ontdekkers  - Joburg Street Art24  Johannsburg Street Art25  Johannsburg Street Art13 Ontdekkers14 Ontdekkers  - Joburg Street Art36  Jozi Street Art29  Johannsburg Street Art34  Jozi Street Art3 Newtown - Joburg Street Art   (1)3 Newtown - Joburg Street Art   (2)3 Newtown - Joburg Street Art   (3)32  Jozi Street Art31 Jozi Street Art33  Jozi Street Art4 Albertsville (5)17 Ontdekkers4 Albertsville (7)4 Albertsville (1)37 Joburg Street Art (2)37 Joburg Street Art (1)37 Joburg Street Art (5)37 Joburg Street Art (4)37 Joburg Street Art (3)



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