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WISHLIST: Fresh Picks by Illustrator Russell Abrahams

Russell Abrahams’ year has had highs and lows, but he sure picked a stellar wishlist to round it out with. The young Cape Town based illustrator has been on our radar since he began his studies at CPUT in 2011. Since then, he’s graduated and his work has developed tremendously; it’s ultra fresh, tactile and confidently executed in eye-popping colours. On Russel’s list of wants there’s rad street wear, finely crafted designer goods and graphic art. Be nice and buy him something (or treat yourself to one of these enviable items).

1 / Wolf & Maiden Tsuyoi wallet

Wolf & Maiden - Tsuyoi Wallet

If you know me, you’d know that I’m in desperate need of a wallet. I carry my cards and cash in my cellphone case and it’s a pretty messy affair. I’ve had my eyes on this Wolf & Maiden wallet for the longest while. It just looks and feels great. It’s leather’s so soft, fam!

2 / Forever & Ever pin by Jordan Metcalf

Forever & Ever Pin by Jordan Metcalf

I spotted these pins on Jordan’s Instagram. I really want/need one. I think they’re almost (if not already) sold out. They’re damn rad though and I’d probably frame the packaging if I received one of these for Christmas.

3 / Small in Japan by Sol-Sol

Sol-Sol Small In Japan Coach jacket

The Small in Japan collection from Sol-Sol is probably one of my favourite drops of the year. I’ve been dying to add the white Destroy Today coach jacket to my wardrobe. It’s so good. Also, Gina and Su-Jin were amazing in this lookbook by Gabriella Achadinha.

4 / Beaded iPhone cases by Vukile Batyi

Beaded iPhone Case by Vukile Batyi

I really love these iPhone cases by Vukile. They’re so authentic and he makes them with so much passion and attention to detail. I need one of these ASAP so that my iPhone can be the sauciest in the land. I’m excited to see what Vukile is cooking up for us in 2016.

5 / Wonderfalls screenprint by Si Maclennan

Wonderfalls Print by Si Maclennan

Si is definitely one of my top 5 local illustrators and this print by him is so damn beautiful. I feel like it would bring peace to every Monday morning. All I want to do is hang it up on a white wall.

6 / An Urban Mosadi backpack

an Urban Mosadi Backpack

These backpacks made by Tiisetso Molobi are pure fire. I first saw them on the back of my cousin and ever since then I’ve been slightly envious of her! Those colours and patterns are amazing.

7 / A Response To The Rabid Fever Dream That is White Paranoia & the Noir-liberal State That Enables It print by Pola Maneli

Print by Pola Maneli

I really want to own this print. Especially because of it’s context (read here) and also because the only word to describe the piece is “lit”. Pola, you beaut!

8 / LURK.LAM by 2Bop

Lurk en Lam Tshirt by 2Bop

2Bop brought the heat with their Litephase 3 collection. I already own the royal blue version of this t-shirt but my life won’t be complete without owning all three colourways. Sidenote: I want to be as cool as K-Dollahz.

9 / Big 5 postcards by Essie letterpress

Big 5 Postcards by Essie Letterpress

Essie Letterpress‘ craft and attention to detail is always so good. These letterpress postcards are printed on beermat coasters paper. My word, look at that damn Lion!

10 / Jennifer Paris scatter cushion by Shine Shine

Shine Shine Scatter Cushion

I spotted this scatter cushion out at the Shine Shine store in the Watershed. I really fell in love with their aesthetic. These cushions would add a very nice touch of colour to any space. #saucyredlips

See Schalk Bezuidenhout’s redicu-list and keep an eye out for more wishlists soon.

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