See this, do that: Cape Town | 26 April – 2 May 2016

To end off April and ease into May without panicking about where the time has flown, we’re checking out four exhibitions, attending a fantasy walking tour, and watching new-wave comedienne Klara van Wyk dish out advice on how to survive growing up. Bring on dragons, laughter and some daring dance.

Tuesday 26 April: 

‘Unchained’ by Afrika Ablaze 

Keen to see some dance that’s not as formal as ballet? Seasoned choreographer Glenda Jones together with Danielle-Maries Jones and Afrika Ablaze dancers have created a new form of dance genre that’s hitting the Baxter stage. Incredibly, for the first half of the show, the principal dancer is six year old Someleze Betela. Risk-taking and bold, be sure to catch one of the 8 performances. Visit Facebook for more.

Baxter Theatre Centre, Main Road // 8pm

Cape Town

Wednesday 27 April: 

‘You Are Part of the Fabric of my Life’ by Clare Menck

“Yes indeed, your proposed alternative mediums show has had a major influence on my change of direction, because I have been standing on the brink of moving to working on paper for some time now; and your brief forced me to consider its possibilities concretely as an incentive,” says Clare Menck of this body of work. She’s one SA’s finest painters specialising in self-portraiture, and has shown work alongside Yoko Ono and Marina Abromovic. Visit here for more.

84 Kloof Street // 10am-9pm

Cape Town

Thursday 28 April: 

‘Other Worldly’ by Damn Vandal

We’re pretty sure that with a name like Damn Vandal that this Durbanite artist will have some edgy works on exhibit. This is his first solo exhibition in South Africa, so head on down to Side Street Studios to view his analogue and digital illustrations as well as paintings inspired by city dwelling. Visit Facebook for more.

48 Albert Road, Woodstock // 4pm 

Cape Town

Friday 29 April: 

‘Paper is You III’ 

Salon 91’s upcoming group exhibition focuses on paper as an art medium. “All too often art is only considered ‘Art’ when it is an oil on canvas piece. Paper Is You challenges this preconception and celebrates the magic of paper-based artwork in all its forms and applications, as well as the incredible ways in which this carefully selected group of artists engage with this age-old medium, working both within and against the confines of the medium,” reads the group show manifesto. Check out their site for more. 

91 Kloof Street // 6pm 

Cape Town

Saturday 30 April: 

A Fantasy Forest VoiceMap Tour

Try something different and experience a high-fantasy audio tour taking you through the greenbelts of Constantia. The Elfin Trail is the chance to immerse yourself and re-discover childhood fairytales filled with magical elves, centaurs, dragons and goblins. Not sure what to take along? Visit Facebook for more details.

Cape Town

‘The Bonds of Memory’ by Albert Adams

Albert Adams was always moved by the darker side of our history and much of his work responds to the legacy of apartheid and the marginalisation of people both on a local and international scale. This exhibition spans over 50 years of his work and includes some art that has never been on public display. Click here for more.

145 Sir Lowry Rd // 9am-5pm

Cape Town

 Monday 2 May: 

‘You Suck (and Other Inescapabale Truths)’ at Alexander Bar

Klara van Wyk is back with her Fleur du Cap nominated performance of a teen who’s dealing with the complexities of growing up. Under the direction of Francesco Nassimbeni, she offers some excellent tips on surviving teen angst, high school gym class and twerking. To book, click here

76 Strand Street // 8pm 

Cape Town


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