Turning creativity into a career: Friends of Design is offering full bursaries to aspiring designers

Calling all artists, designers and creative individuals! Are you looking to turn your creativity into a career? Friends of Design is here to invest in students and is offering full tertiary bursaries for their 1-year Higher Certificate courses in:

Print Design & Publishing

A course which is geared towards giving you a thorough, overall understanding of graphic design and visual aesthetics. You will learn how to efficiently create awesome logos, brochures, book covers, adverts and more. You’ll also learn how to work with the fundamental design principals and elements that permeate every creative profession.

Web Publishing and Interactive Media

Bring your creative ideas and designs to life through practical training in web publishing, video production, visual effects and 2D animation. Learn to work with the visually impressive side of these mediums and walk away with technical skills in HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and many more.

Game Graphics and Multimedia Entertainment

You’ll be able to take your skills to the next level with this programme. Expand upon your existing creative skills and explore the realms of game technology for entertainment, educational, mobile and web purposes.

Bursaries are valued at R69 980, and include transport to and from the academy in Bree Street, Cape Town.

The course starts February 2017 and provides students with all the technical software skills, and overall understanding of visual aesthetics they need to survive in the field of design.

For more information, visit their site or email info@friendsofdesign.net

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 2nd December 2016



  1. i would love to join you guys.

  2. I think all 6 key points are important to create awesome design.Thanks mate, Love to find some great way to complete my design.