Take a look at the striking and immersive illustrations of Lungile Mbokane

A Joburg-born graphic designer, Lungile Mbokane is a decidedly experimental artist. Never one to dwell on the same style or aesthetic for long, Lungile’s work declares itself in a number of different forms – loose brush strokes, collage, contrasting use of colours – but always with the same goal.

“I want to make work that bridges the gap between here and the rest of the world, but work that is still African-inspired,” he explains. “I feel if we can create work that bridges that gap, we’ll start getting more recognition as local artists without having to change our style or our vision.”

Inspiration-wise, the artist looks towards music as a guide, often implementing it into his practice. But mostly, he explains, “I try and illustrate whatever I’m going through at the time. All the emotions, the thoughts, I try and make sense of them through illustration and create something meaningful from that.”

View Lungile’s work below and find more by the artist over here

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