Fashion forward photography by Aart Verrips

Self taught photographer Aart Verrips favours fashion above all other genres of photography for its escapist ability to invite viewers to enter into another world.

“I love fashion photography because you can create a different world in one single frame, you can make the impossible seem possible,” he says.

Aart describes his aesthetic as modern, experimental, super clean and crisp. With an incredible eye for the human form, Aart is skillful in creating risqué fashion portraits that artfully show glimpses of the naked body. His work can frequently be found in the glossy pages of fashion magazines; a self proclaimed milestone in his short career was a feature in Vogue Italia for a Lookbook he shot of contemporary fashion designer Rich Mnisi‘s Spring Summer 2017 menswear collection.  

Aart will be presenting his debut exhibition at Hazard Gallery on the 4th of February. The body of work on display will question masculine beauty standards and our chase for perfection.

“I explore and capture beauty and youth through a string of portraits, applying my subtle lens to lend a sense of permanency to these fleeting ideals. Clean, simple, focused, and leaving no room for added detail or individual distinction, the portraits offer a close inspection into raw, masculine youth.”

The pioneering and passionate creative is hugely in-demand and not planning on slowing down any time soon. At present he is working on collaborations with a number of international magazines and preparing for a trip to New York City next week to shoot a Lookbook for a new client.

View Aart’s work below and find more visual inspiration on his website


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