Lapré make a superb first impression with the release of their new single

Lapré is a two-piece musical act consisting of producers, composers and instrumentalists Benjamin McCarthy and Rowan Blem. The pair met two years ago and started making music shortly after, finding their sounds complimented one another perfectly from the very first song. 

The duo combine electronic elements with instrumental layers, vocals and textures. “With our music we try to create an almost visual experience, layering sounds and textures that help give each song their own unique landscape,” explain the duo. 

In their most recently released single, So Cold Without You, the duo paint a story of longing. “We wrote the single in a studio outside of Cape Town and while we were getting the initial idea down it was incredibly cold. The song started taking shape with a similar mood. The idea behind the lyrics is about missing loved ones.”

Their sound is both eclectic and accessible, characterised by thick basslines and kicks combined with smooth pads, lively chords, and pop vocal melodies. 

Lapré are set to release more singles as well as a music video directed by David East in the coming months. They are also looking forward to playing their debut live show at YOH Experiences Presents: A Pool Party ft Mndsgn (USA) on the 28th January.

Check out more of their lovingly crafted soundscapes on Soundcloud


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