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Illustrator Sinomonde Ngwane will transform your intimate confessions into works of art

Sinomonde Ngwane is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist from Durban. She creates emotive illustrations which brilliantly marry words with visuals. Her modest artworks are human and relatable, taking inspiration from her own personal narrative and those of others. An avid reader of poetry, the artist cites the emotional expressiveness of words as influencial, “I always find that poetry as an art form when united with hand-drawn drawings come together so perfectly and add a whole other element to the art.”

Her #DearDiarySeries, featured below, is an ongoing personal project. The concept behind the series is to make artworks out of vulnerable confessions sent to her anonymously via Instagram. Some are light-hearted and self-empowering and some are more painful. She plans to make 30 of the 130 confessions into an e-zine. 

“The illustrations were to allow me to get to know my followers on a deep and intimate level and allowing for a collaborative process between me and strangers on the internet to create relatable artworks. The drawings are very simple and drawn very quickly to try and capture the essence of the message as concisely as possible.” 

Stylistically, Sinomonde’s work is loose and experimental. Her quick lines and splashes of colour appear to be done with an effortless flair. The artist’s creative process involves drawing by hand with pencil and fine liner before scanning her illustrations into Photoshop where she layers on minimal colour combinations. 

To view more of her work visit her Tumblr or follow her on Instagram

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