Phew! There is a lot happening this month! The ICA Live Art Festival kicks off today and following week is the Cape Town Art Fair. In between these noteworthy events, we’ve picked up on some awesome fashion collaborations from the online store Glitter Betty and 1641 APPAREL, heard about Jemma Kahn’s latest theatrical offering and saw that Jody Paulsen has a solo exhibiton on at SMAC Gallery. Here’s this week’s dose of creative cool: 


1641 APPAREL want to put the Vaal Triangle’s streetwear culture on the map. In case you didn’t know, the Vaal Triangle is “a small part of Gauteng, not well exposed for it’s talents”, they tell us. Their unexpectedly vivid, pink lookbook definitely caught our eyes. Take a look at their stuff on Tumblr

Creative Cool
Photo by Odirile Motubatsi

Glitter Betty

Glitter Betty is the brainchild of 18-year-old Khensani Mohlatlole. She loves shiny things, kitsch aesthetics, the internet and colour. Her label is “for the girls who’d rather have a one-woman dance parties in their room on a Friday night with liquor stolen from their parents and a box of Marlboro Reds as apposed to standing in a corner at a house party, pondering another existential crises,” she says. See Glitter Betty on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and find out more about the label on Bubblegumclub. 

Creative Cool


Lagos-based director Sean Obapbisi’s short film RAHMAN is a story about little joys in everyday life. Three kids are tasked with the responsibility of taking care of their family’s first ram, but when they cross paths with an older neighbourhood bully, things take a turn. The film explores themes of loss and how certain fragments of society are frequently overlooked. 


Liam Volschenk’s series Three Sisters is an intimate exploration of culture and community. It’s an inspection of vulnerability and identity that attempts to define what binds us together as human beings. See the full series here

Creative Cool

Nicholas Rawhani has been busy with the Uncultured Club on a new project called Shooting Crushes. They’re collaborating with their “crushes” to make art and taking a few snaps along the way. This one feels like a throwback to a bit of classic 90s album art. See more of their work here

Creative Cool


Nobody Else | Creative Agency have kicked off the year focusing on their youngest artist and creative director, Bambatha Jones. He’s collaborated with skateboarder Irvin Khumalo and Nobody Else co-founder Mongezi Mcelu on an EDM project called Irv Blames Jones. They’ve also put together a skate-meets-fashion film featuring appearances by recording artist TSA and stylist BeeziFlybyNyt. Check it out here

Exhibtions and Events 

In Bocco Al Lupo at Alexander Bar

This is theatre maverick, Jemma Kahn’s third kamishibai show. In short it’s a “a graphic and candid and whimsical journey across three continents, using four story boxes, one giant cicada, a naked Catholic (or two) and one golden surprise. It’s like watching a Manga cartoon play that’s completely unique and sometimes bizarre. Check out Facebook for more details. 

Creative Cool

Pushing Thirty by Jody Paulsen

Pushing Thirty is opens at SMAC Gallery this Saturday. It features his felt collages, photographic works and new sculptural installations. See Facebook for more. 

Creative Cool

All of Everything Now Together 

Frankie Nassimbeni is back with another theatre collaboration. This time he teams up with Heath Nash and we’re certain this will be as magical, enchanting and powerful as his previous collaborations. Visit Facebook for performance times. 

I See In Colour 

A new solo exhibition by Izolda van der Merwe, I See In Colour opens this Saturday at artSPACE Durban. The exhibition looks at Izolda’s world and the influence nature has on her life. There’s a sincerity in her day to day life that’s portrayed in her paintings, a whimsical movement, captured through colour and pattern. More details over here.


The Making of a Sharp Blade at Warren Editions

Last last year, Mia Chaplin made oil-based monotypes at the printmaking studio Warren Editions. The work focuses on interior scenes, landscape and nudes and continues to examine themes of intimacy and relationships with the self and others. See here for more. 

Creative Cool

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