The colourful and surreal world of illustrator Brandon Ryan

Brandon Ryan’s colourful illustrations have depth, character and an otherworldly atmosphere. The young designer, currently in his second year of studying Graphic Design at Durban University of Technology, has always had a passion for drawing.

“I first fell in love with art in grade three. My love for cartoons inspired me to begin trying to re-draw them. I basically taught myself to draw, and as I developed, I always tried to keep an open mind and kept trying to do something in a way that it hadn’t been done before.”


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His complex and lively portraits present an interesting narrative, “I try to create an alien species that is about love, peace and consciousness,” explains the illustrator.

He achieves his crisp and vivid aesthetics by hand-drawing all the visuals using a pencil and fine liner before digitally colouring them in and adding extra detail with a graphic drawing tablet on Photoshop.

See more of his work below and on his Instagram.

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