Not your average casting agency: My Friend Ned champions the unusual and the enigmatic

Co-founded by casting director Candice Hatting and fashion stylist Karen Wieffering in 2007, casting agency My Friend Ned is renowned for hand-picking beautifully unusual models from Cape Town. Now, after just opening up their first Joburg-based agency, the team are already signing and representing a variety of unique new faces. 

If you’ve never heard of My Friend Ned, the agency is progressive and non-conformist, embracing models of every race, size, stature and gender orientation. Last year they released a gender Non-Binary division – a first for an agency in South Africa. 

My Friend Ned casting agent Fani Segerman stresses the importance of inclusion and diversity in model casting, explaining how it all comes down to representation and making a space for people who don’t fit in or feel at home.

“It is so important for people to see others who look like them in the media, especially the younger generation,” says Segerman. “We are drawn to those who have their own stories, their own personal brands and those who fit perfectly into the space we have created over the years. We have grannies with tattoos, kids with braces, gorgeous Non-Binary models, everyone! We draw in people who want to explore an industry that they might have felt doesn’t have a space for them.” 

The modelling bureau books a mix of TV commercials, stills, international films and music videos. They recently cast a number of Cape Town based characters in the Adidas “Original is never finished” global campaign

See below just a few of the fresh-faced and completely new models on the My Friend Ned roster in Johannesburg.


Photography by Tarryn Hatchett

If you feel that you would fit in at Ned, all you need to do is apply online via their website.

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