Marianne Fassler’s #FASSLERFABULOUS Autumn/Winter collection celebrates the art of craft

10and5 recently attended the reveal of the #FASSLERFABULOUS Autumn/Winter 2017 collection at the iconic brand’s design studio. The designer did away with old catwalk structures, opting to put on a dynamic presentation instead. “The launch focused on the FASSLER experience and invited guests into the studio and the new archival space, to see how and where the magic happens,” describes creative director at the label, Lezanne Viviers. 

Exceptional workmanship is the ethos of the brand. Every glamorous garment is hand-cut, hand-dyed, hand-embroidered and hand-beaded by a team of talented creatives. In a time when designers and retailers are pushing for instant gratification in fashion, Marianne Fassler has taken an opposite approach.

“The MARIANNE FASSLER women is mindful of her surroundings, what she wears, how it is made and what the craftsmanship involved entails. Every garment is made ethically and with love. Ethical fashion consumers will always consider the longevity and integrity of the purchased garments and they believe and care about every hand that touched the garment throughout the production line,” explains Lezanne. 

The marvel of this label is that each season they continue to create an entire Marianne Fassler world, rich in colour, and complete in every detail, from appliquéd silk ball gowns to satin tops and trousers. Take a look below.        

Photos by Nikki Zakkas. 

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