[CROP] Project – Questioning societal issues through street art and photography

In 2017 CHUZKOS, an organisation that works to develop social, cultural and creative projects, innovative interactions and cultural exchange, initiated a project called [CROP] Project.

[CROP], which stands for ‘Creative Resistance & Open Processes’, uses the power of collaboration, art and photography to question societal issues, while paying homage to some of society’s most marginalized and often unseen individuals.

“We believe art should be free, inclusive and accessible, and as a collective, our work and decision-making processes are horizontal.”

Following the success of the first [CROP] Intervention in Johannesburg, a second flash intervention took place in Christchurch New Zealand.

Upon returning to South Africa, CHUZKOS arranged a [CROP] Project in Kayamandi called ‘Sililizwi Lase Khayamndi’ (We are the voices of Kayamandi), which combined art, design and poetry into a large-scale street intervention.

To further expand their efforts, the organisation will also be creating a Art & Culture Showcase in Kayamandi to create platforms for the students where they can connect, network and present their work.

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