Father, Son and The Architect

Illustrator Neo Pakorama’s latest project, Father, Son and The Architect looks at the influence an artist like Kanye West has had on many people – not only artistically but the way they think too.

“I use a religious reference to highlight this influence derived from Kanye West over us – the people in my social circles and a little beyond. From personal experience, I reinterpret Kanye’s works into structures that I’ve come to understand in a certain light… the same way a devotee would reference their practice’s guidebooks to help structure their lives in a way they’re more likely to understand.” says Neo Pakorama.

“Father Son ultimately refers to both the differences between two generations and the influence passed on from the elder to the younger generation; and. The Architect connotes to the innovation and creative structures made available through this influence.”

808s & Heartbreak
La Muerte del Pablo
College Dropout


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