Kwa Gogo is a Photo Story that Recounts the Lessons from the Previous Generation

Kwa Gogo which means Grandmother’s house is is a photo story by Thabang Pitkoe.

Raised during the era of Apartheid, Gogo has a lot of knowledge which she off-sheds with the youth. This is done in the hope of inciting a fire in the youth as she fears that their generation is lost, Gogo counters this by findings joy in silly things and playing oblivion to the rather dog-still-eats-dog world.

See the story below:

Thabo introduces Nomsa to Gogo, in the hope that Gogo will let Nomsa in in her world.

The ladies can’t help but laugh at this common but rather different remark. Sibusiso remains his witty self, excited for this particular commitment.

Nomsa approaches Sibusiso, she’s pretty fierce so nothing is too much weight for her to carry, one thing Sibusiso knows Gogo will find very striking, she might even go on to say that it’s bones like Nomsa’s that was needed during the Apartheid era, such a drive, and such thrive for change.

Prior to Sibusiso meeting the love of his life he was in the “dining room” speaking with uGogo.

Sibusiso and Nomsa would be in a relationship and uGogo would carry giving out her timeless advice to the youth.


Art Director/ Creative Directory : Bongani Ngcem
Photography and Graphics : Thabang Sleek
Thabo : Bongani Ngcem
Nomsa : Charmaine
Written by Mbuyekezo Buhle Ncoco

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  1. Nathi Mike Makhathini

    Bro This Is Amazing, It’s Just Existential At It’s Purest Form. S/o !!

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