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Latest Creative News
GSDH recently completed the portfolio website of an internationally acclaimed French photographer Ugo Richard. The site was completed by Ernst Lass and went on to win an award at the German Multimedia Awards for GSDH. The site is very minimalist, and it is a great way to get to the primary content - the showcase pieces and great photography work. More images after the link.
f1000029 There's creativity outside of 'citylisation'. Living proof hereof is our featured freelance photographer Gretha Louw. Armed old-school with only a role of film and a tender eye for nature her photography depicts the nostalgic calmness and contentment that is stereotypically associated with the countryside. Previously from Pofadder she now spends her free time capturing all that is simple and beautiful around the Overberg to produce wistful photography to remind us…
Merge is an ongoing series of five collaborative exhibitions beginning with the theme of water and set to change every 3 months - five photographers examine five elements - each from their own unique perspective. Catch the opening of ‘AIR’ – an exhibition of photographs by Ruvan Boshoff , Greg English , David Gur , Trevor Samson & Dale Yudelman - Wednesday, 11 February 2009 at 6 pm, Frieda's on Bree / 15 Bree Street / Cape Town. Also featuring is a special live performance by Lonesome Dave Ferguson. The participants of this group show met in the 1980's and worked for various news media during the most turbulent years of the apartheid era. Since thosedays their career paths have diverged although their personal friendships have endured. The elements: water, air, earth, fire and aether are commonalities in the experience of our humanity; influencing: cultural and spiritual geographies, social climate and natural ecologies. In their exploration of these powerful themes, a portrait of the times and environments in which we experience these forces is set to evolve.

Cow Africa did a 10 second television commercial for Gridstar, Vodacom's new online talent show where people can film themselves putting their talents to good use and upload it via their cellphones. The ad is already being showed on national TV, but now you can get...

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