Senyol Art works

For today we’re branching out of the digital/print realm and showcasing other creative works.

First up, the artist Senyol has an exhibition running at the moment until the 24th of October.


senyol & wesley van eeden
‘under these skies’
salon 91 contemporary art collection gallery
91 kloof street
cape town
opening 19:00 friday 10 october
show ends 24 october

Also, here’s a video interview of the artist:

under these skies+++le interview/le exhibition+++ from the senyol on Vimeo.

And as always, there are more examples of his work when you click through.


  1. Glad to see Senyol getting some much deserved publicity.
    He’s really one of the most talented and hardworking young artists in Cape Town. New work is brilliant…
    Keep it coming!

  2. big up senyol. urban artist pioneer.

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  4. Senyol, man, i love your innocence and the way you bring truth into your work in such an unassuming way. beautiful stuff. keep it coming, and may u skyrocket under these skies…