Student Work: JVR Matric final exhibition

Leezl le Roux - Levels of Mysterium

With the end of the year in full swing, pretty much all of the design schools’ students are spending late nights tweaking and setting up their final year work.

Last night was the opening night of the Jan van Riebeeck High school Matric final year exhibition. We had the opportunity to browse through some of the works and were very impressed by the caliber and high standards. You can view all a gallery of the works by clicking here.

Here at 10and5 we’ve decided to make November Student Showcase month – I can remember that my matric final year work never really went anywhere after the exhibition (which might not be a bad thing!), so hopefully we’ll have a gallery of great works soon. We’ll be featuring some of the top works by local students from Stellenbosch, Vega, AAA, City Varsity and more. Naturally we’ll still be featuring the normal agency and freelance work, but you might find more works by students in November.

If you are a lecturer or faculty member at a design school, please do get in touch with us – our email is contact at

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