Gold Creative creates new brand for Real

3 Quarter car shot.
3 Quarter car shot.

Gold Creative have recently completed the complete branding of Real – the Brazilian Food Experience.

The founders of Real approached Gold Creative to assist them in creating a brand that captures the Brazilian theme of Real but also one that can easily be translated to the South African consumer.

The Real logo is a bold statement of Brazilian flair and the icons that complement the logo reinforce the different types of meat available. The icons became part of the brand communication throughout the mobile vehicles, trailer billboards, in store graphics and menus

In this post we feature the vehicle branding that accompanied the branding excercise.

Gold Creative also run a great marketing blog called The House of Marketing.



  1. This looks like a toy department; the last thing I associate this with is Brazil, let be Brazilian cuisine.
    BTW Espetada is Portuguese and not Brazilian; you’ll rarely find espetada in a Brazilian restaurant.

  2. The Portuguese introduced the Espetada to Brazil who in turn made it their own. Hence why ‘Real puts the Ta Da in Espetada.’

  3. @Emerging South : dude, seriously, do you know anything? Get your head out of the ignorance mud it is stuck in, and learn a few things before making un-informed comments.