Jupiter Drawing Rooms – New payoff for Musica

It’s exciting times for Musica. They have just recently relaunched the brand and have a new logo and pay off line!

The challenge that Jupiter Cape Town faced was to change the perception of the brand as purely a music destination to the ultimate entertainment location. This desire to escape and Musica’s offering led them to the new positioning ‘ A World Awaits’. A world of entertainment, containing every emotion and sensual stimulation is available on a grand scale at Musica, thus the new brand promise rings true.

The launch campaign has been executed together with Masters & Savant.




  1. This is very cool, but it makes me think of the coke happiness factory…maybe it’s the song, can’t quite put my finger on it.

  2. i agree. i think its the music/animation combo

  3. The world that awaits kind of looks custom built for indie kids. not sure if i want to visit. well crafted though.

  4. I totally agree, its very indie kids find the coke factory, maybe next it should be the emo kids finding the happiness factory? overall its reall cool concept, works for the brand besides the fact that they are totally isolating the hip-hop/rap market. or arent they marketing towards them because they think they will just copy thr cd rather than buy it? generalizations..

  5. Ok, I love Musica, worked on the brand myself. As cool and creative as that ad is, its totally aiming for the wrong target. Indie Kids are not Musica’s core market, they spend the least money infact, core market is 30+ Music and gaming freaks, Indie Kids copy or download music and video. But props for shifting the focus from Music to all digital media, with CD sales slumping, your cash cow is evolving from music to video and gaming . . . . Not sure of the advert does the brand or new branding justice . . . would love to see the brief