aKing t-shirt exhibition

Something really cool is happening at Punkskelm stable. If you missed the aKing t-shirt exhibition you missed the start of a small but important change in the way music, art and commercial success are coming together. In their words:

By presenting this work in a gallery aKing are bringing the discussion between producers and consumers, musicians and fans, music and design into one space. Challenging the way we create memorabilia as well as the way the artist communicates with the audience, this exhibition highlights the changing face of music appreciation.

This is a very exciting concept and it is the first of its kind in South Africa. Twenty of South Africa’s top graphic designers and fine artists were carefully selected to design T-shirts for aKING.

The Levi’s® brand will be manufacturing the T-shirts, ensuring that the product is of the highest quality. Numbers will be limited to only 20 T-shirts per design, making each T-shirt a special collector`s item.

It was a difficult decision to show which 10 designs we’ll showcase on 10and5 (yes… somehow we do stick to our guiding ideology), luckily you can view the rest of the designs on the aKing site, they also have them on sale from there. We’ve picked Senyol (previously on 10and5), The President (also featured previously), Arno Kruger, Waldo Binneman, Kronk, Jako Swanepoel, Louis Minnaar (pictured above), Hanno van Zyl, Manuela Gray and 351073. In no particular order of course.

There’s even a video of the night, and then We Are Awesome took some awesome pics of the evening as well.

Between 10 and 5