Mobikasi youth and mobile production by Cow and TheGrid

Cow Africa recently produced some really cool short-film, documentary style clips for their client The Grid (the Vodacom mobile, LBS social network). The whole press release is on the Cow Africa site, but the gist of the work is byte-sized documentaries about the culture in Soweto. Janneman helped out with the video. In their words:

Instead of showing the twenty-five minute documentary in a linear fashion from start to finish, Mobikasi splits the content up into twenty-five inserts of one minute each. Each one-minute clip covers a different topic that is relevant to the youth in Soweto and is geo-tagged to the location where it was shot. The location-based documentary looks at people, music, fashion, social issues and places of interest.

Check out some stills. You’ll have to go The Grid to view them all.

Between 10 and 5