MTN Backyard Cricket

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We spotted this very well executed flash microsite game for MTN called Backyard yard. The site allows you to play backyard cricket in different venues (typically associated with backyards) and at different times (day/night, etc – not launched yet though). The site is very well executed and has a number of cool features such as rating other players, ringtones, wallpapers and more. I tried to find out who built the site, but there isn’t much information on it. Bizcommunity has a press release here, but not much more than that. Anyone care to let us know? Drop the answer/debate/speculative guesses in the comments. First person to answer it properly gets a tennis ball.

Thanks go to Dylan for the headsup.

They say:

“MTN is a brand that reveres the potential in everybody, and the fact that anyone can get to the top of the world. We want to remind South Africans that even the top cricketers had humble beginnings and started out playing the game like we all did – in the backyard,” says Pieters.

The Backyard Series campaign brings this celebration of the sport to life, brings the fans closer to the cricketing stars and revives the imagination of even the humblest garden enthusiast.

Not only will cricket fans around the country experience the Backyard Series wherever they are, but MTN has developed a Web site to harness the collective passion all of us have for the campaign. The site ( gives visitors the opportunity to play backyard cricket online, rate themselves against their mates, look up player profiles and team statistics, and see how their favourite teams are doing throughout the season.

The site will also have a host of downloadable content that includes ring tones, wallpapers, the Backyard Series theme song and much more.

Of course, there is a serious side to the campaign as well. MTN has always been a committed company when it comes to corporate social investment and this season will be unlike any other.

“Tying into the backyard campaign will be MTN-branded bins where we ask cricket lovers to donate their old cricket equipment. We will use this equipment for the Cricket For Changes initiative. It will definitely be a case of from your backyard to theirs,” concludes Pieters.

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