Ideabounty – an ideas marketplace

Something for the creatives reading this blog. If you can’t draw or make a cool video, but you have really awesome ideas on how a campaign should be put together, IdeaBounty is where you would want to hang out.

They say:

Idea Bounty is a website that allows clients to ask the world for creative ideas in exchange for a reward, or Bounty. The clients review the submissions and select the best Idea as the Bounty winner. Clients can only use Ideas that they pay the creative a Bounty for.

We say:


Currently they have a campaign running for an FNB Premier Banking solution.

Help us change the perceptions of South Africans in FNB’s Premier Segment and get them to adopt Online Banking.

Online Banking represents not only an efficient channel for FNB, but an on-demand, instant response financial management system for our customers and future customers. Perceptions around Online Banking security and lack of understanding of the current functionality are keeping many South Africans from experiencing this cutting-edge channel. Let’s change their minds!

The new site is a product from the Quirk eMarketing stable, and it’s being driven by Matt Riley.

On their blog they also feature some AMAZING creative work, like this one below:

(via CrackUnit)

Check out the site for some more examples, bountys and other booty.

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