Shaeema Boer – Industrial Design

Shaeema Boer is an industrial design student at CPUT. Her portfolio work that she chose to display is a concept gaming console designed for Adidas, and an international (as in style) influenced clock. Some more words about the works:

Gaming Console:

The brief for the gaming console was to choose a brand and then design a console that embodies the
design essence of that particular brand. I decided to use Adidas as my brand because I could relate to the entire sport atmosphere of the brand Design was formed on the qualities of the original shoes of Adidas such as the shell toe, I also used the urban influence of Adidas and what it represents to the younger generation of today.

The Clock:
Clock brief was to choose a design style such as organic style, cubism, etc. and then research the characteristics of that style and incorporate those aspects in the design of a clock, as well as having
your own interpretation on the style itself. The clocks influence was that of the international style. I focused on the architecture of that era. A few characteristics was that it was a minimal expression, less is more approach, lines was hugely used then as well.

Between 10 and 5