From The Couch

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From the Couch was created by the owners of the web design company ‘OBOX-Design’.

David and Marc Perel have been in the web industry for 5 years now and have developed a certain level of knowledge which they felt was at a level which they could share with the rest of the world.

So they decided to start a blog, ‘We Are not Freelancers’. The response was brilliant with an average of 500 visitors a day in the first two months of being online.

With this came the opportunity to network and meet new people in the web world. Through twitter David stumbled across a link, posted by Stii Pretorius, which was a video blog created by ‘Gary Vaynerchuk’. The video was brilliant and on point and straight away David thought of creating one for OBOX-Design.

It took two days to create the From-the-Couch site, using a custom made content management system and a cellphone to record videos, David and Marc’s Online TV Show was ‘A’ for away.

They are yet to discover a similar blog within South Africa which covers similar content in TV Show format on a daily basis. So for now you call their site quite unique. From the Couch covers interviews, tutorials and opinions of the Web 2.0 world.

You can visit the site at
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