Space Patrol Car – Bombay Sapphire

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The cadets at Space Patrol Car have been working late through the nights to bring you The Perfect Mix: a game that puts you behind the bar. The challenge is to pour the perfect Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic to put you inline to win a hamper filled with premium goodies each day. But you need to be sharp – adding too much will only cause spillage and adding too little .. well that’s your problem. Get mixing at here.

The Challenge:
Bombay Sapphire is a premium gin and is associated with style and high-end design. The brands exposure during 2007 was relatively low and the brand agency required a highly tactical activation to expose South Africans to the Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic cocktail.  The solution needed to introduce the brand, educate and elicit trial.

The Activation:
This was purely a digital exercise.
Banner properties ran across the network.
300 X 250 medium rectangles
728 X 90 Leaderboard
300 X 600 Half Page Ads
The Leaderboard and Half Page Ads contained video and were also synchronized – the gin poured from the top into the bottom banner. (We think this might be a first for SA.)
The 300 X 600 Half Page Ad expanded to reveal the mix console were the Perfect Mix game could be played without leaving the site
A Promotional email was sent to the Bombay Sapphire database
A News24 Competition Alert was sent to the News24 database
Winners were announced weekly
The application also allowed for sharing to social networks such as Laaikit,  Facebook, Twitter, Google and Muti.

The Solution:
Get the folks to mix their own cocktail! And reward their efforts.

Bombay Sapphire were very happy to give away 15 hampers in a daily competition for all the best mixologists.

What did they have to do to claim the prize? Mix each ingredient to create the classic drink. This involved 5 stages: Ice, Bombay Sapphire, Tonic, Lime and Mint. Players could either add too little, too much or the perfect amount. After each attempt a short video clip illustrated your effort. Only candidates that added the exact amount would go through to the next level.

The crisp, clean lines of the Bombay Sapphire brand also found it’s way into the interface design. We added smooth lounge jazz music to complete the picture.


Creative Team:
Head of Creative: Clint L Bryce
Lead Design and Art Direction: Jaco Crafford
Design: Dylan Jones
Information Architecture: Clint L Bryce, Jaco Crafford
Flash Development: Jaco Crafford
Video Producer: Richard Gregory
HTML scripting: Mike Brown
Development and Databases: Dale Bredekamp
Writer: Clint L Bryce

Between 10 and 5