Wavescape Surfboard Expo

[image title=”Scott Robertson” size=”full” id=”760″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

Wednesday the 3rd of December (that’s today if you’re reading this post on the same day…) See’s the final day for the Wavescape Surfboard exhibition. They want you to know:

The Wavescapes Surfboard Art Exhibition is part of the Wavescapes Surf Film Festival. The art exhibition comprises nine beautifully crafted egg surfboards decorated by top South African artists, and haunting shark photos by Tom Peschak. The boards, with five signed shark photos, will be auctioned by acclaimed comedian Mark Sampson to raise funds for the Shark Spotters and NSRI at the end of the exhibition.

The artists featured are pretty well known and the designs are top knotch. We’ve giving you a peek at the boards from the comfort of your lounge/office/bedroom. Remember to pop in at the auction: Wednesday 3 December (VEO Gallery, 28 Jarvis Street, de Waterkant). Click here for more info.

Between 10 and 5