Rory Valentine and Craig Paul

Craig is a leading South African surfboard sprayer and manager/owner of Lifestyle Surf Shop. Rory has been involved in surfboard sprays and design for more than a decade, including work for Dave Stubbs and Greg Stokes. Craig and Rory grew up together and share a house in Kommetjie. The duo, who have collaborated on many designs over the years, pulled this one off in record time. From a conversation between Spike and Craig at Lifestyle Surf Shop on a Friday, the completed piece was hanging in the VEO Gallery by Wednesday, the fastest turn-around in the history of the exhibition! The Oom was conceptualised by Rory. Since John Whitmore passed away, he has been waiting for a chance to create an image of him on a surfboard as a way of honouring the grandfather of surfing in South Africa – a reminder of where it began and how “he changed our lives forever”. In Rory’s words: “Late Sunday evening Craig told me he had offered to spray a board for the auction. I told him of my idea to create a silhouette of Oom on a board in recognition for all he gave us over the years. We were buzzing over the idea and couldn’t wait to get cracking. On Monday, we came across a picture of him and started manipulating the design to create a blurred effect from close but from a distance the design and detail would come to life.”

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