ND Mazin

Previously resident on the Bluff, now living in Muizenberg, N.D. Mazin is a cartoonist, illustrator, book designer, editor, writer, academic and goofyfoot longboarder. His underground comix, some going back to the ‘70s, include Cogent and Crint, Vittoke in Azania, The Adventures of Alison Wonderland, Praxis and Paranoia, The Big Chillum, the Legend of Blue Mamba, The Vittokes and New Planet TV. His comix have yet to be published in a reputable periodical, but his new strip, Azaniamania, now appears twice weekly on www.wavescape.co.za. His self-published ‘zines include Praxis, The Next Praxis, PAX (Pre-Azanian Comix), and Mamba Comix. His two previous Wavescape art boards were both purchased by Glen Thompson.

Between 10 and 5