Dominique Abrahams CPUT student illustrator

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Dominique Abrahams from CPUT is an illustrator who likes to live by the motto – Simple is More. We feature some of her illustration work.

Dominique’s work as she describes it:

The D’Girl business cards were part of my corporate identity 3rd year project.i used black ink and acrylic paint.

Kate Moss was a practical drawing.we had to choose a person and have different moods for both.

Sarita advertisement(advertising/comm design) illustration was included. Medium: photoshop.

Self portrait (with armour). Medium: acrylic,pastel,ink,watercolours

Stephens paperclips was an advert and illustration to sell the paperclips.concept:to dramatise the characteristics of paperclips. Medium:: ink,cross-hatching technique

Pearl necklace is my personal work. Medium: acrylic and ink on canvas

Between 10 and 5