Shritha Gungaya

Shritha Gungaya has done some great industrial design pieces during her tenure at CPUT. One of our favourite pieces at the CPUT exhibition was the Bunny Gadget – a very cute spaghetti measuring gadget that was produced and then sold at this years Good Food and Wine Show at the CTICC as well as at the exhibition. The rest of her work features a concept game console created for Alessi, room dividers, an alarm clock and business cards. A short description of all the works are after the jump.

The alarm clock is 60’s inspired, which is why its in a “loud” colour, and the clock hands are off-centred, to create a weird visual effect, as in 60’s op-art. The logo for the clock is a little crowing rooster, because before alarm clocks were invented (i’m assuming) people woke up to roosters.

The “algaline” images are of a room divider/storage unit. Rather than creating a shelving system, I created a design that can have objects hung onto it (such as hats, magazines, coats, etc).

The Gioco Alessi game console: The game console is made to conform to Alessi’s “quirky” design philosophy – for example, Alessi designs often focus their attention on some random, often neglected detail – that is why the AV cables on my design form the main focus. They turn into “plants” which glow green when the console is turned on. The eyes are the IR sensors.

Between 10 and 5