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We’ve just installed/enabled/turned-in Facebook Connect on 10 and 5 – that means that you can now sign in and comment using your Facebook profile data. It’s great news for us as whenever you leave a comment, a line is injected into your Newsfeed in Facebook (which helps us with that viral marketing thang), plus we get to see the real people who are in our community, for you the user, it means that you can see who else of your friends are on 10and5 plus you no one can impersonate you when they leave a comment.

We’re still essentially Beta testing it, but we’d appreciate it if you’d join up and send us some tips!

To join up, click on the Join/Sign-in button in our sidebar on the right hand side under Community and join the 10and5 family!

If you haven’t placed your pledge of allegiance on our Facebook Fanpage, you can do that here as well.

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