Oscar – OFM and Bare Creative

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Lettie Casaleggio from Bare Creative sent us this beautiful little flash minigame they developed for OFM. You play a character called Oscar, and your goal is to get music notes and other good elements, while avoiding the bad elements. More info below:

Client: OFM (Radio Station)
Time period: Now running.
Producer: Bare Creative
Description: OFM Mascot Oscar Game. The OFM slogan is “The sound of your life” and in the game the Mascot Oscar has to protect “The sound of your life” from the villain Thunda.

The email that was sent to listeners read as follows:
Festive greetings, friend!

I am writing you this very urgent letter, pleading for your help! My home, the O Republic, is in grave danger. It’s almost Christmas and the wicked monster, Thunda, wants to destroy O Republic and steal “The-sound-of-your-life”. It is vital that we take a stand and defeat Thunda! I know that you are a fearless fighter yourself! Fight with me now!

There is no time to waste and I need all the help I can get. Invite all your brave friends to join this important mission. Your valour may well be rewarded with 1 of 5, OFM branded Mp3 players!

Click here to step into the action.

Update: The campaign has now come to an end, but you can still view the work here.

Between 10 and 5