Alex Latimer Illustrator

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We featured The Western Nostril on Monday which Alex Latimer does with is brother Patrick. We’re absolutely in love with the quirky designs Alex has done for his clients such as Mens Health, Good Taste, Shape, etc.

His own site has more of his work, and we sincerely hope to feature more of his stuff on 10and5.

Alex says about himself:

“During my school days I received the art prize every year from Standard 6 to Matric but after school, ignoring the obvious signs, I set out to study English and Philosophy instead – two subjects I am yet to win awards for.

Several years later after an altercation with a career in advertising and a brief damp stint in the UK, I got to thinking – perhaps Mr Coppin was right after all. So I quit MS Word and picked up an unused pencil. Before the night was out, I had worn that pencil down to a messy stump and ruined my living room walls. My career in illustration had begun.

I like my illustrations to have strong ideas backing them up – so they’re not just nice to look at, they’re also nice to think about. Colour is extremely important in my work – I try to keep my pictures cheerful and uplifting as well as soothing and calm. The lack of a formal art education has worked to my advantage – I just make fun stuff and people seem to like it. I have no deeper message I want to convey, besides perhaps that life, like a chimpanzee is too short and weird to take seriously.”

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