Patrick Latimer Illustrator

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It’s the week of the Latimer’s as we feature another one of the brother-duo behind The Western Nostril. We here at 10 and 5 are just gobsmacked at the amazing work that these guys do. This post features the 2nd half of the duo – Patrick Latimer (we’ve previously featured Alex as well).

Read more about Patrick:

I’m a freelance illustrator and cartoonist living in Cape Town. I was an advertising art director for seven years and then moved on to full time illustration which I’ve been doing for the last four years. I’m also the co-creator (with my brother Alex) of The Western Nostril  – a cartoon strip that appears 4 times a week in Business Day and which has just been made into a book. I do most of my editorial work using a pencil and photoshop and The Western Nostril cartoons are all done by hand. I also exhibit weird watercolours every now and then.

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