Mingo Lamberti interview on Ideabounty

Mingo Lamberti

The ideabounty blog has a pretty good interview with Mingo Lamberti, the clothing guys. Check it out here: Mingo Lamberti. Rare and tasty..

Mingo Lamberti . Can you share the background story about the name and explain the concept in general to the nice folks in interweb land?
Mingo Lamberti was my grandfather. He was a good man and believed in doing a good job at whatever he did. I try bring same principle into the t-shirts and designs. Well, there really is no massive concept behind the brand. Other companies have been making well designed t-shirts for ever. What I am doing is not new and that’s what encouraged me to do a good job at it, to make it stand out. It’s pretty simple how things happen. After many hours of begging designers to work on a new range, I send them a very open and inspiring brief to go crazy on and come up with some original and creative designs that the world has never seen. The designs all look different, because of the different interpretations of the brief and that produces a unique range of shirts.

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