Who’dunnit: Toyota Hilux Country

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I found this gem last night just before I was going to leave the office, two hours later and I was still busy navigating around the site and playing the minigames.

Toyota must have spent quite a bit of money on this project but my, it was worth it. While the visuals and design is not always top notch, the concept and sheer size of this thing makes it worth a look (if you have 2 or 3 hours to spare…).

You start of by signing up to receive Hilux Country Citizenship. Once you have your passport the aim is to get your passport stamped by the various authorities to finally make it to full citizenship (and stand in chance to win a Toyota Hilux). There are 5 different Government Departments that you need stamps from and each of these gives you a different challenge.

Inside the site there is also various other questions and clues that will give you extra points towards citizenship. This includes a Facebook parody called Toughbook, and various usage of outside sites and fake blogs to find clues and details to help you in your quest to become a Hilux Country citizen.

The big question I have here is who’dunnit? I have my suspicions on who the agency was but can you confirm?

Let’s see if we can solve this one!

More images available when you click here.

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