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Xander Ferreira/Gazelle – The Status of Greatness


Xander Ferreira might sometimes be better known as the afro-kitch glam pop icon called Gazelle. Little to some of the bopping Assemblians know, he also takes amazing photographs.

Xander Says:

Time and again we have discovered what humanity sees as human greatness, and how much falseness there is in this term. Since most people who at some point have received a status of greatness among followers, only proved to humanity – by corrupting their power – that greatness is not in status…
…With the character of Gazelle I mimic the strategy of these public figures, to create a base by infiltrating the power of public attention and in turn, using my voice as a platform for anyone who has something to say for the greater good of humanity.”

His exhibition runs from the 28th of January at The Albert Hall (in Woodstock) until the 21st of Feb.

Be sure to come pop by the opening which is on the Wednesday at 18:00 till 21:00, and yup, Gazelle will be performing with his glitzy repertoire.

Between 10 and 5