Who’dunnit? – Rikki’s in my bathroom

[image title=”29012009448″ size=”large” id=”958″ align=”center” ]

We spotted this 2-way mirror ad in the bathrooms at Wembley Square. It’s a large printed advertisement that’s been mirror printed, so that when you stand in front of the the mirror it shows up behind you.

The ad shows you standing in front of a police-mugshot wall, urging you to call a Rikki to get home. I suppose if you are already drunk, standing still and taking down the number against an inverted text mirror thang might be a bit much to handle for you.

Quite a nice concept, quick and easy to do.

Find it at the Wembley Square bathrooms, and let us know in the comments if you know who did the campaign.

UPDATE: Who’dunnit solved! This was created by DraftFCB Cape Town.

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