Tank – Build your own site portfolio


Yes we can! make the internet a better place. Featured here is between 10 and 5 photography sites created with Tank micro-site builder.

Tank has lots of creatives (illustrators, photographers, stylists, artists, writers, designers, galleries, architects, even agencies and consultancies) build sites for themselves; and in some cases they team up with designers to get the most out of their new sites.

A couple of designers have ‘pick up and run’ with the application – familiarising themselves with how everything fits together, how easily the different skins can be customised, and how quickly they can roll-out a simple, content-managed website for their clients.

Tank utilises and internalises common web design terminology in the application too:

using information architecture terminology like ‘global’ and ‘utility navigation’ during site build, they emphasize aspects like form (the way your site looks), function (the features that defines the way your site works), control (control who can manage the site alongside yourself) and constraints (limitations imposed upon your site). Once you’ve setup a site you can also tweak aspects like design and layout, you have options of inputting your own css code into your site for complete visual control. All content you add is indexable and searchable by Google too – best practices are ensured all the way through.

Design frameworks, or maybe just a blank canvas…
The team realises that everything changes as sites get built – and once something is up on the screen – and as important as content-management is, you find more advanced users getting into ‘design-management’ – updating their look and feel over time, revamping it entirely, or just making small continual changes over time. This is part of the reasoning why the Tank application’s skins are more like blank canvasses as opposed to more finished themes – to leave the creative bit up to the users while they do the technical bit.

Besides all of this it’s a no-brainer to quickly add Google Analytics to your site to track your visitors, or Google Apps to your domain for email. Tank says they ‘play nicely’ with other web apps and this type of integration is quite seamless.

Between 10 and 5