Infecting the City


Infecting the City launches this
Saturday, 21 February – 12 noon

at Riebeeck Square (near Heritage Square parking lot) with an aerial performance piece by French performers Retouramont.

What follows is a week filled with visual and performance arts in the public spaces, nooks and crannies of the Cape Town CBD from the 23rd to the 27th February 2009.

Dedicate a day to exploring the Infecting the City programme, whilst wandering through a City we so often bypass – or steal away for an hour and submerge yourself in something new and interesting. Some of the events/performances are late afternoon and evening.
To view the programme, learn more and make bookings go to

Infecting the City was previously called The Spier Performing Arts Festival. It is now held in the Cape Town CBD. The performances are free and ticketed and many will be performed in communal spaces within walking distance of one another. The programme features interesting works by artists from South Africa, Europe and SADC countries – as well as collaborative works between these performers.

The broad theme that underlies the 2009 festival is “home affairs”, which investigates issues of immigrant vs. citizen, insider vs. outsider, inclusion and exclusion, with unavoidable reference to the xenophobic tensions that constantly simmer in southern Africa.

An innovative component of Infecting the City 2009 is the creation of collaborative works made by teams of artists from Europe, South Africa and some SADC countries. The collaboration works are:

Amakwerekwere (Thibault Square) :
A New Collaborative Work that stares into the face of prejudice and intolerance.
Exile (Adderley Street Fountains) :
A New Collaborative Work about loss that haunts Cape Town’s iconic Adderley Street fountains while the traffic circles.
Limbo (Church Square) :
A New Collaborative Work about today’s foreigners that dangles breathtakingly above the square where white slave-owners bought foreigners.

The collaborations and three other productions are presented free to the public in the communal spaces in and around town. The Festival works that are free to all include:

Tuning Into The Void (Riebeeck Square) :
On Riebeek Square, a vast animated human sculpture suspended from a crane against Cape Town’s dramatic skyline.
Fleet of Art (on the streets of Cape Town) :
Fleet of cars. Fleet of foot. Fleet of art … A performance art work coming to a traffic light near you.
Making Sense (at the New Space, 44 Long) :
Feeling blown away by what you have seen at the Festival? Get a deeper understanding of the performances from critical thinkers and the artists themselves.

The rest of the programme events are reasonably ticketed at R30 (with the exception of the night time Talking Heads) at various non-theatre venues during the day.

Whatever you do – don’t close your eyes – the city is infected!

Between 10 and 5