Who’Dunnit – Sports Illustrated Afrikaans TV ad

UPDATE: this has been solved. Click through to view who did the campaign.

We couldn’t find out who produced this video for Sports Illustrated Afrikaans. It’s our Who Dunnit of the week. We had to do some sleuthing around to find it at all online at first, we eventually found it on MyVideo.

The first correct answer wins last years April Sports Illustrated issue.


  1. Thanks Rouleaux. The style did look familiar!

  2. Looks just like all the Alternative rugby stuff from NZ.
    Same style and everything.

  3. I’m not so sure Molly – The ARC site is more based on vector images, while this is a much more illustrative technique. If anything it looks like the Pulp Fiction infographic. But I’m sure you can spot the differences there. The style is actually very popular, and I think AmiCollective did a good job in their own interpretation.

  4. I agree ARC’s stuff features much more simple illustrative vectors, but the similarities are all there, and considering they’re both rugby related I think its a little too close for comfort.
    But then again I’ve been watching these ARC video’s for a while and may be a little too one-eyed.

  5. Oh sorry, I’ve just realised you said site, I meant the videos that ARC puts together. They’re wickedly funny… even if they are New Zealanders.

  6. Ah I thought you meant the style of the video is similar to the site.
    Maybe someone else was watching too much ARC as well 🙂

  7. I am sorry guys I am bit late with my comment. It was a pleasure to work with ami collective and disko. Was a very short deadline and they did a great job on our TVC Idea for Sports Illustrated Magazine 🙂 Cheerzzz***