Mashable gives 10 Twitter Tips for Artists

smallandroundOver at Mashable they have a pretty good guide on how to use Twitter if you are an artist. Of course you can apply quite a lot of the principles to any creative house as well, even if you are a freelancer or agency.

Tweetable Art: 10 Twitter Tips for Artists.

1:  Share your work in progress
Be creative and open. People love to hear about how you create your work. If you videoblog, post a link. Describe what you are creating and what you are using. People want to hear what you are doing, what it looks like, and what you are thinking.

We’ve combined the 10 briefly here, but for the low-down on all the tips and tricks we suggest you click through:

  1. Share your work in progress
  2. Share announcements
  3. Find and connect
  4. Share Yourself
  5. Research your followers
  6. Offer a collector club
  7. Announce site/shop issues
  8. Hold Twitter contests
  9. Collaborate with other artists or businesses
  10. Offer instant commissions and orders

Via: Tweetable Art: 10 Twitter Tips for Artists.

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