Dylan van Loggerenberg wants you to eat Tentacle Soup

Dylan van Loggerenberg is a freelance illustrator and animator who’s flash portfolio Tentacle Soup and blog is well worth a look. The story so far…

In 2001 KERB approached Dyllan to join their team in the UK. Soon after the move he took on the role of both art director and lead designer – making up part of the group that was pivotal in turning the company into one of UK’s most successful and well known agencies. Here his portfolio included a range of projects including educational games and animation for BBC, animation for SKY digital, interactive application for NOKIA, a range of games for DISNEY Europe and Japan, interface and game design for LEGO, a games portal for SAMSUNG, websites and games for SONY and many more. Impressing SONY with the design of the website and interactive flash movies for the new PS3 site, Dylan and his team at KERB got the job of designing the website for their PSP-GO range.

Currently he is back in SA freelancing and “exploring new horizons”. Tentacle Soup is his new flash portfolio and very much a labour of love. Dylan was determined to have a site that was purely flash with as few jpg’s as possible. His other main objective was to have a site that downloaded fast, “i am sick of huge bloated flash sites that take 10 minutes just to load the landing page”. So the site only loads small sections at a time loading the next piece whilst you watch and saving you having to load a whole huge section at once.

Also included in this featured is shots sent to us for Lego Girls – is a personal project of his which he described to Between 10 and 5 as a bit of “girls in over the top lego mecha madness”. it’s all done in flash and will eventually be used as a series of posters and short animations.

Between 10 and 5