Bakers Biscuits TV Commercial

The other day it hit me that I really didn’t know who produced the Bakers Biscuits TV Commercial. It was pretty easy to find who did the production on it – is responsible for the production of the video and the entire commercial was designed and directed by Shy the Sun for Ogilvy,Johannesburg. Apart from the Happiness Factory resemblance, the video might look familiar if you’ve seen the stuff done by the (now defunct?) Black Heart Gang, who are in actual fact also the same people as BlackGinger! Weird aint it… But it makes for some pretty amazing work!

Full credits are after the click through. Also, if you are keen to check out some “Behind the Scenes” footage, check out Darrin Hofmeyr’s blog.


Client: Bakers
Agency: Ogilvy, Johannesburg
Creative Director: Bridget Johnson
Art Directors: Monique Kaplan, Amy Auret
Producer: Lisa Jaffee

Creative: Shy the Sun
Animation Directors: Jannes Hendrikz and Ree Treweek
Character Designs: Ree Treweek
Compositing: Jannes Hendrikz
Producer: Nina Pfeiffer

Production House: Blackginger
Producer: Tracy-lee Portnoi
Animation Supervisor: Darrin Hofmeyr
VFX Supervisor: Marc Horsfield
Modeling: Francois Conradie, Hayden Barnett,
Rigging: Sandy Sutherland
Animation: Richard Clarke, Andre de Villiers, JC Phillips
Textures: Sasha Perdigao, Lani Greenhill, Kirsten Beets
Fur: Suzanne van Niekerk, Jason Slabber
Lighting and look dev: William Harley
Systems developer: Neilan Naicker
Matte Painting and Flint: Rob Muir
Assistant compositor: Monika Vermuelen

Live Action: CAB films
Director: Bruce Paynter
Producer: Charles Gallacher

Sound Design/Mix: Alun Richards






  1. Im sorry but this ad is unorginal and bland. it is a near perfect replica of the happiness factory…Come on guys…get original!

  2. This really makes me think of happiness factor, again…

  3. It shocks me how client approves creative like this. I am in the industry and it annoys me to the point of anger. there are so many wonderful ideas out there and bakers is such a traditionally south African brand…creativity is badly needed!!

  4. I definitely agree that it’s very (near identical) to the Happiness Factory. If you look at the Musica ad, it was very similar as well (at least in concept, execution is different).

    Then again though, when you take a look at some of the previous stuff done by Blackheart Gang (the Tale Of How etc) – it is all in their own style. So one needs to ask, did the client not ASK for this, and then went out to find a production house that could produce that.

  5. I agree that it feels the same and it’s pity that it didn’t come out before happiness factory … but you guys need to start looking at things in context… Bakers has always been about fantasy. They also have more of a realness to the ad, which makes it very different.

    Remember the old classic ad that plays off in the bakers factory at night, with the security guard and then all the cookies come alive after he leaves… I used to love that ad!

    I find it very soothing to know that we produced something of that quality locally!

    Well done guys!


  6. I don’t want to jump on the hate band wagon but this definately reeks of the Happiness Factory.

    Its a real pity as its beautifully exicuted.

  7. sorry people, but maybe you’re being a little over critical… everything in context. happiness factory didn’t even cross my mind.

  8. just saw the “making of”. check it out.

  9. by the way can anyone give me the link for the old ad?can’t seem to find it anywere

  10. Awesome… Five star study…I did notice the RSS Feed wasn’t operating, someone else discover this kind of thing, or is it just myself. Lol

  11. Trying to find the english version of the ad from 1990, can anyone help??