Whodunnit: 2010 t-shirt

Via: Cherryflava: That shirt pops up again.

There is an enormous t-shirt hanging from a building on the corner of Wale and Long street. It’s not the prettiest of shirts – but it is quite big and eye-catching.

We’re asking Who Dunnit? Drop the answer in the comments.



  1. I have no idea, but there is also one on greenmarket square, so seems like there might be a few floating around

  2. I’ll check tonight if its still there:)

  3. The Ministry of Sport put it up…without any brand input…very sneaky.clearly the govt feel they can do whatever they want without even consulting brands!!

  4. Surely they worked through an agency with this?

  5. No they didn’t…they did it without any agency input..they did it all on their own without consulting the brands.