South African creatives to follow on Twitter


Yeah Twitter is finally hitting the mainstream, if you’ve been active for a couple of months I’m sure you would have spotted the bump in follows this past month (it’s even being mentioned in newspaper articles!). If you’re new to Twitter we’ve narrowed down a list of some people you can follow to spice up your design day, they are all South Africans who are either designers themselves, or work in the creative industry. If you are also in the creative industry, be sure to follow us (we’ll follow ya back) over here:


Anne-Sophie Leens
Anne-Sophie Leens is part of Apartment Studios, we’ve also featured her here on 10and5 once or twice.


Adriaan Pienaar Malan Joubert Cobus Bester

Radiiate is more than one person (we’re cheating a bit…), you can find Adii, Fresh01 and Foxinni, all part of the Radiiate crew, on Twitter. It’s mainly business stuff, with a nice link coming through every now and again. Be sure to catch their updates to their flagship product, WooThemes.


Clint Bryce Jaco Crafford
The patrolmen Clint Bryce and Jaco Crafford (Dylan Jones still missing from twitter…) keep twitter alive with tweets from the creative division inside


Damien du Toit

Damien du Toitis an “internet enthusiast and photographer” based in Cape Town. He’s also a great designer.

Jax Panik,

Jax Panik

Musician, also runs a sound production studio called Softlight City – they’ve done some amazing stuff for big name clients. See if you can keep up.

Cow Africa

A non-traditional PR agency, they’re the minds that brought you 5 Black Bins and also Mobikasi (amongst other things!). I also think they are one of the few company’s to have nearly all their employees on twitter. You should follow SD3000, Chopper, Helette, Mr Pookie, Saskia.

Donald Swanepoel Saskia Redivo Helette GelderblomSteyn StraussCharles Miller

Alan Alston

Alan Alston

Currently Alan is the mastermind behind With Tank, but he’s also done quite his fair share in the agency world, helping to start Six Million Dollar after stints at Ogilvy, Tinderbox and a couple of other places. He’s a veteran with some great tweets.


Hein Bekker

Hein Bekker and the Liquid Fridge is responsible for quite a few great events and groups in the South African creative scene. Follow him for updates from The Fridge.

Ernst Lass

Ernst Lass

Ernst is currently an employee at GSHD, a local design firm working with predominantly international clients. Where he finds the great links he shares we don’t know, he’s worth a follow in our books!

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