MetroFM TVC by Net#work BBDO and Frieze Films

MetroFM has always done had some amazing work produced for them. I’m already quite a fan of their billboard and print ads, and I found this TV commercial great.

The press release says:

Devised by the Net#work BBDO creative team of Donovan Goliath and Reggie Makhetha and overseen by Creative Director Graeme Jenner, the ad is titled ‘It’s where you’re from’ and centers around the nostalgic journey of a township guy, beginning in his ‘hood’ and progressing to his current very successful position.

Originally via BizCommunity.

According to Goliath and Makheta, the ad targets young, English-speaking, black South Africans who return to the township on weekends because that’s where the soul, energy and vibe ‘is at’.

“We just wanted to send a message that you should stay focused on where you’re going, but never forget where you’re from, because that’s what makes you who you are, it keeps you grounded,” they said.

Wanting to produce a piece that consisted mainly of in-camera footage, the Frieze Films team had to consider some serious logistics because the storyboard called for a 12m diameter vinyl record that could be revolved in both directions at different speeds. All the other sets had to be built on the record to achieve Leigh’s vision.

Goliath noted: “It was quite a challenging brief getting it to work and capturing the essence of Metro which is slick, cool and sexy, with a strong sense of black pride.”

Jenner added: “Leigh did a really awesome job; she presented a really exciting treatment for the ad and, although the concept was challenging, she delivered.

“Also, working on a new Metro FM commercial is quite a daunting task for all involved considering that the TV ads over the years have become almost cultish, but we’re excited. We think it’s f-f-f-fresh and can only hope that it’s a worthy successor. But if the love out there in web-land is anything to go by, it’s looking good!”

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