Marc Shoul – Photographer


South African photographer Marc Shoul has worked for various local and international magazines including Time, Colors, Wired, Blueprint, Dazed and Confused, Design Indaba, World Health Organization, SL, Marie Claire, Men’s Health and Mother Jones. He has also photographed for various advertising clients and agencies including TBWA Hunt Lascaris (Sasol, Standard Bank), Metropolitan Republic (MTN), FCB (Nedbank, Super Sport), Lowe Bull (Valpre), Y&R (MTN). Through his personal work Marc explores themes of social relevance and change within South Africa, Africa and overseas. When shooting portraits, Marc likes to captures his subjects in their natural environments. By doing so he allows us the opportunity to witness the most intimate of moments while still emphasizing a broader social context.

To view the rest of Marc’s portfolio check out his website. More photo’s after the jump.


  1. so so proud of my talented,brilliant much loved and hard working boy!

  2. marc, your pics are not only engaging because they shift us horribly out of our comfort zones, but also thought-provoking and technically inspiring.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Marc’s work is most certainly inspiring and thought provoking. We hear that he’s working on a new website which should be launching soon. Keep tabs by checking up here often.

  4. I see your work as a stark, inspirational, and flairful reminder of the realities and struggles of normal life against the current virtual backdrop of global financial crisis. Keep shooting Marc, rooting us in the now, as we as a unique species do what we are destined to do – strive into a future.

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